Dear Data week 2 – Transportation

Dear Data week 2 – Transportation

This week's data was collected July 9 - 15th. Topic My transportation data is pretty boring; I mostly drive myself around. The week I recorded this data was also super hot and humid, so I walked even less than usual. This visualization focuses on geographic data - including areas that I didn't visit. The area … Continue reading Dear Data week 2 – Transportation


Makeover Monday – White House Salaries

This week's Makeover Monday challenge compares Trump's 2017 staff salaries to Obama's staff salaries in 2016. Here's the original: After looking at the ridiculously detailed data (seriously - it has names!) the salaries are awfully low. Analysts in the White House are making 42k, which is below market, even in the Midwest. On the whole, Trump's staff has … Continue reading Makeover Monday – White House Salaries

Workout Wednesday – Benford’s Law

Workout Wednesday is another weekly challenge by the same people who manage Makeover Monday. Instead of re-imagining a viz, this challenge is to re-create a viz. It's a great way to discover new techniques and develop better instincts for what is possible in Tableau. Here's my *slightly tweaked* version of the original viz. I managed … Continue reading Workout Wednesday – Benford’s Law

Makeover Monday – Success

This week's Makeover Monday challenge was a very pretty infographic drawing a very bad conclusion. The original is really, really not okay and I'm not posting it here. IllinoisPixels has a fantastic write up of the issues that is 150% better than what I was planning to write! The only point I would add to their critique is that … Continue reading Makeover Monday – Success