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Pivoting Data

Hey! I threw together a quick tutorial on pivoting data for Reddit. If you’re interested you can see the Imgur album here:

Pivoting Data



How to keep your filters from immediately resetting your query!

I have this standard, boring dashboard that shows details for 1-5 IDs at a time. The data source is HUGE (it takes ~10 seconds to query) and the query would run every time I selected an ID. So, if I needed to look at 100, 101, and 201 the process would look like this:

Open Filter, Select All

Cancel Query

Open Filter, De-select All

Cancel Query

Open Filter, Select 100

Cancel Query

Open Filter, Select 101

Cancel Query

Open Filter, Select 201


It was frustrating enough that editing the filter was easier than using the filter card. Not quite good enough for sharing!

Then I noticed that a production workbook wasn’t doing this! By looking at the filter I discovered how to add the Apply Button to filters.


Now the process looks like this:

Open Filter

Select All

De-select All

Select 100

Select 101

Select 201