Move Like a Nerd

Big news everyone, I’m starting a new job across the country next month! Naturally, when packing I wanted to keep everything organized with as little work as possible.

Here’s what the packing process looks like:

  • pack a box
  • slap 4 matching barcodes onto it (top and 3 sides)
  • scan the barcode with my phone
  • log a picture of the box, and record some basic information

Now I have a dataset with all the scanned boxes, their pictures, and the information I recorded. I can scan a box to see it’s information, search the dataset for all boxes containing books, or download the spreadsheet onto my computer to manipulate however I want!

Here’s what the setup looks like:

  • Pick up some printable labels (I used these)
  • Use ID Automation (limited free version) to create a PDF of your barcode labels
  • Print your barcodes out
  • Download the app ScanPet (you can use it for free by viewing an ad each day!)
  • Setup ScanPet

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