Makeover Monday – Revenue per Second

Makeover Monday – Revenue per Second

This week’s #MakeoverMonday looks at revenue per second for 25 of the biggest companies.

Original - Copy

Initial Thoughts

  • The circular orientation of the chart is super misleading! Normally, the angle of the stopwatch would represent time, so on this chart my very first impression is that everything adds up to 45 seconds, which is completely false. If anything, the angle on this chart corresponds to the order of the companies.
  • The bubbles at the base of the bars are completely superfluous.
  • I’m not sure why there’s a blue ‘1 second’ label on the stopwatch?


My Makeover

Week5 - Copy

Luke Sanke’s Polar Clock tutorial was super helpful when I was planning out and building this viz!

How it’s Done

Step 1 – Create a Parameter

Parameter - Copy

Step 2 – Calculate Seconds to Make…

Seconds Calc - Copy

Step 3 – Calculate Degrees

Degrees Calc - Copy

Step 4 – Calculate X and Y positions

X Calc - Copy

Y Calc - Copy

Step 5 – Create Basic View

Basic View - Copy

Step 6 – Dual Axis

Dual Axis - Copy
make sure you synchronize the axes!

fix both axes to -1.25, 1.25

Step 7 – Add a Background Image

Background - Copy

clock image

Step 8 – Customize the tooltip

Tooltip - Copy

From here it’s pretty much formatting and dashboard layout!


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