Makeover Monday – Meat

Makeover Monday – Meat

This week’s #MakeoverMonday challenge is about the yearly pounds per capita consumption of various meat products. The original chart is a line graph showing pork, beef and chicken consumption by year.

Original - Copy.PNG

Initial Thoughts

  • Labeling every two years is busy, 5 or less would be better
  • The colors for Pork and Chicken are similar, while the blue used for Beef stands out. If unintentional, the colors should be adjusted.
  • I really love the ‘100 pounds’ label at the top of the Y-Axis. It shows the units very clearly, yet unobtrusively, without requiring headers

My Makeover

Basic View - Copy.PNG
See the interactive version on Tableau Public

How it’s done

¬†Step 1 – Create ‘Decades’

Step1 - Copy

Step 2 – Build the View

Step 2 - Copy

Step 3 – Add a Trend Line

Step 3 - Copy

  • After adding the trendline, edit it and uncheck ‘Decades’

Step 4 – Adjust Axies

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Make sure to apply these settings to both axies!

Step 5 – Tooltips

Step 5 - Copy.PNG

From here, it’s formatting and dashboard layout!


2 thoughts on “Makeover Monday – Meat

  1. I especially like the concept of the plotting the orbit over time, year by year, but it is hard to distinguish which was the first and last point in the (sub)series. Could you pull off shading within your bins, with the last year of the decade being bright fully saturated with preceding years “fading out”?


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