Makeover Monday – Christmas Trees

Makeover Monday – Christmas Trees

It’s Makeover Monday time again! This week’s original comes from Statista, and shows Millions of Dollars spent on Christmas trees in the United States, partitioned by year and tree type.

Original - Copy

In my makeover, I took the original stacked bars, and turned that view into a line chart tracking overall tree sales. Then I added a second line chart focusing on the real:fake ratio, and highlighted recession years.

MM52 - Copy.PNG

Check out the interactive version on Tableau Public! Creating these charts was trickier than it looks! Here’s a step-by-step for the second chart.

Create two calculations, Recession Sales and Non-Recession Sales.  Each should return the number of trees sold for the relevant years. Make sure to include border years in both formulas.



Create your basic view. Year goes on columns, Recession & Not Recession on rows, Type of Tree on detail.

Step 2 - Copy

Build the percent of total Table Calculations. Make sure to use Year as a Partitioning Field.

Step 3 - Copy

Turn the charts into a single synchronized dual axis chart.

Step 4 - Copy

Now we need to hide fake trees from the view without affecting the Table Calculation. Because of Tableau’s Order of Operations, the only way to do this is a Table Calc filter. Here, we use Lookup() to mimic the Type of Tree field, and then use it to filter artificial trees out of the view without affecting the calculation.

Step 5 - Copy

From here, it’s simply formatting!




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