Makeover Monday – Accessibility in Singapore

Makeover Monday – Accessibility in Singapore

This week’s dataset is public data from Singapore’s own website! It contains the building type and accessibility level for ~2200 buildings around the country.

I couldn’t see the original (it requires flash) but you can check it out here.

For my makeover, I tried to give a basic overview, while drawing attention to the buildings that earned Universal Design awards. To do this, I used a bright yellow color for the winners in the visualization, against shades of green for buildings in compliance, and light gray for those not meeting compliance. The bright yellow against the green, and the green against the washed out grey stand out as division points, and because of the ordering (best to the left), the viewer can quickly estimate the % of buildings meeting those standards.

MM50 - Copy
Check out the interactive version on Tableau Public


The trickiest part of this week’s makeover was getting the Sort order for the Building Type working correctly. I have the building types sorted by the % of buildings not reaching compliance with the accessibility code. I created this formula:

formula - Copy

Then added it to details, and used its sum to sort Building Type.


Some of the award winning buildings are stunning! Check out the Bitly links for more pictures and information about the designs.

national-library-singapore-by-Ken-Yeang-6 - Copy.jpg
Singapore National Library:
Sentosa-Boardwalk-04 - Copy.jpg
Sentosa Boardwalk:
Singapore Islamic Hub - Copy.jpg
Singapore Islamic Hub:
dezeen_Reflections-at-Keppel-Bay-by-Daniel-Libeskind-16 - Copy.jpg
Reflections at Keppel Bay:



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