Makeover Monday – 100 People

Makeover Monday – 100 People

It’s the 100th week of Makeover Monday!!!

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This week Andy and Eva have us looking at “If The World Were 100 People

Original - Copy
For some reason, this image didn’t load on my other computer, so I’m actually just now seeing this!

I wanted to build a visualization that would fit in the same space as the list on the statistics page, including the same information. I wound up building an infographic-like viz, with a separate workbook for each measure all stacked up into a single dashboard.

New - Copy - Copy.PNG
See the interactive version on Tableau Public

Creation Notes:

  • This was my first week using custom icons! Please excuse the poor quality – I made my own using MS Office and Tableau Maps! (Probably not the fastest choice, but it was interesting.)
  • Most of the text comes from [Value] and [Subcategory] on text, along with custom label formatting. The text above the waffle chart comes from a Case formula.
  • Some categories had subcategories with the same text. I had to edit those in the original data, making each subcategory unique, to get the waffle chart to act correctly.
  • I was really struggling with connection issues, and had to re-do 1-2 hours of work a few times. Finally, Google paid off and this thread from Tableau Community saved the day! Clearing my Server Sign Ins fixed the issue for me!

The really intense part of this viz was creating the interactive Waffle Chart. I used these two guides to build it: basic tutorial, adding actions. To make the hover action work, I basically had to create a cross product between the 100 rows powering the waffle chart and the 100 People data. Because I only need to filter on six subcategories, I was able to get away with only 600 rows of data. Once the data was loaded, the unfiltered waffle chart looked like this:

Waffle Chart Unfiltered - Copy

I added this to the dashboard. Then I went to the Binary Categories wb and selected Use as Filter. Before clicking anything, I edited the new filter so that it only affected the Text wb and the Waffle Chart.

Sorry about the rushed write up, not much time this week!






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