Makeover Monday – Social Media Popularity

Makeover Monday – Social Media Popularity

Unstacked area charts, dual axes, conditional tooltips, and floating titles in this week’s Makeover Monday! As always, thanks to Andy and Eva for hosting Makeover Monday, including finding and posting data sets each week!

MM Social Media Final - Copy
My makeover! Check out the interactive version here


I found out that you can control whether measures are stacked or unstacked last week, and have been itching to try it out for myself. To stack or unstack your data go to Analysis>Stack Marks, and play with the settings. Super simple!

Disclaimer: Unstacked area charts are a horrible idea!


Unstacked area charts are misleading (people expect area charts to be stacked) and the colors get muddied and confusing where they overlap.

To mitigate these issues, I added lines to the area chart! I duplicated our % measure, and created a synchronized dual axis, making the second mark a line chart. Colors are super important here, and I went through a lot of options and orders to get this view looking nice. All of these colors are from the hue circle palette, and they hold their shades nicely when overlapped. The area chart is around 25% opacity, while the lines are about 100%. I actually copied the measure and used a different version on each mark so that I could sort them in opposite orders. (The area chart goes Snap > FB, while the lines are FB > Snap.) Honestly, this chart would probably be *better* as a simple line chart, but where’s the fun in that?

I used this guide to customize the app names in the tooltips.

To emphasize Snapchat’s dramatic 2017 peak, I wanted the top of the line/area to reach the top of the dashboard. To do this, I hid the sheet title, and added a floating text box for a free-text title.


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