Dear Data week 2 – Transportation

Dear Data week 2 – Transportation

This week’s data was collected July 9 – 15th.

My transportation data is pretty boring; I mostly drive myself around. The week I recorded this data was also super hot and humid, so I walked even less than usual. This visualization focuses on geographic data – including areas that I didn’t visit. The area north of Delmar is incredibly segregated. Including all of that empty space didn’t feel great, but it’s a necessary reminder that my world has become a lot narrower. A place like this requires regular, conscious effort to break out of your own bubble.

Data Gathering
Because of my boring travel habits, gathering this week’s data was dead simple! I recorded each place I visited, and made some simple notations on any unusual trips.

Data Drawing
My original plan did not include any streets, but I decided to include Delmar after realizing that I visited the East, South, and West edges of the city but didn’t touch the North side. Additionally, the boulevard tells the viewer that they are looking at a map, and provides a reference for location and scale. My first draft of the card was more subtle. Flipping the orientation, adding more white space to the top, and changing Delmar from black to red made the white space more dramatic.

The scale on the circle sizes is a bit odd. I went with 1, 4, 16 because my stencil lists circles by diameter. Doubling the diameter of a circle quadruples the volume, so 1, 4, 16 allows me to use the stencil and have an accurate volume scale. (Do they make area based stencils? If they do, I should get one.)


First Attempt







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