Makeover Monday – White House Salaries

This week’s Makeover Monday challenge compares Trump’s 2017 staff salaries to Obama’s staff salaries in 2016.

Here’s the original:
WH Salaries - Copy

After looking at the ridiculously detailed data (seriously – it has names!) the salaries are awfully low. Analysts in the White House are making 42k, which is below market, even in the Midwest. On the whole, Trump’s staff has fewer members and higher salaries, which is not surprising – Obama’s staff was mustered four years before Trump’s. The big difference is in the distribution. Obama’s salaries have a nice stair step progression while Trump’s are flatter.

Here’s my makeover:

WH makeover - Copy.PNG
Head to Tableau Public for the interactive version

This week’s makeover is a simple jitter plot, with administration on color. It’s actually the first view I created for this data, but I think it’s quite telling. Trump’s points form several vertical lines, with one especially strong line at 115k. Obama’s points look more random, though there seem to be a few vertical lines between 40k and 50k.

I’m not sure why Trump’s salaries are clustering at certain values (perhaps pay grades?) but it certainly points to a difference in strategies for setting salaries.


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