Workout Wednesday – Benford’s Law

Workout Wednesday is another weekly challenge by the same people who manage Makeover Monday. Instead of re-imagining a viz, this challenge is to re-create a viz. It’s a great way to discover new techniques and develop better instincts for what is possible in Tableau.

Here’s my *slightly tweaked* version of the original viz.

Benford - Copy

I managed to re-create all the tricky parts! What I changed:

  • I left the font as Arial (I was working off of 9.3)
  • I tweaked the colors – the red and blue on the original felt too loud to me.
  • I re-arranged the text, and revised it to something easier to understand and more accurate.

This is the process I followed re-creating the viz:

  • Filter year
  • First Digit calc using CO2
  • Create bar chart (First Digit, Records)
  • %of total table calc
  • Exclude Nulls
  • Remove lines (including column axis ticks)
  • Setup Parameter, Parameter Calc
  • Put Parameter Calc into First Digit Calc
  • Multiply infant mortality rate, birth rate by 100 in Parameter calc
  • Adjust axies
  • Use reference line to add labels
  • Header
  • Tried using Gantt bars – Couldn’t create two color split at centerpoint
  • Expected Value, Top Point, Bottom Point calcs
  • *Trickiest Trick* Put those calcs on detail! 
  • Create two cell level reference bands

It took me about 4 hours working off and on to finish this week’s challenge, and only went down one wrong path. All in all, I think it went pretty well!


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