Makeover Monday – Success

This week’s Makeover Monday challenge was a very pretty infographic drawing a very bad conclusion. The original is really, really not okay and I’m not posting it here. IllinoisPixels has a fantastic write up of the issues that is 150% better than what I was planning to write! The only point I would add to their critique is that the order of the reasons for success seemed random. In my makeover I ordered them by the gap between rich and poor, which highlights the differing perspectives.


Baader-Meinhof alert! This data is supported by the headwinds/tailwinds asymmetry theory that I learned about on the Freakonomics podcast last week! It’s a good episode, and March is #trypod month, so I’m inviting you to go check it out!

Dashboard 2 - Copy

This week’s makeover isn’t very interactive, but you can still play with it at Tableau Public.


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