Makeover Monday – iPhone Sales

iPhone Original - Copy.PNG

This week’s original makes a bad first impression. The gradient background, bevel effect on (most) bars, and extra characters (space before question mark, orphaned asterisk ) make it look like an old Powerpoint slide. Despite the design, I actually like the simplicity of this visualization. It’s clear, easy to read, and enhances the article.

A few more critiques:

  • The gradient background draws attention toward the center of the chart and away from 2016
  • The labels on the bars are unnecessary; the number of iPhones sold is less important than the yearly trend
  • ¬†Indicating numbers in million units as a part of the Y axis would make the chart easier to understand

Because this original had a solid base with poor visuals, I decided to focus on formatting this week. Formatting in Tableau is something I’ve struggled with. I feel like there are multiple (unintuitive) ways to access slightly different menus, and I’m never quite sure what the different options actually control. My goal was to learn as much as I could about formatting while aiming for classic Apple minimalism. I even used the official iOS7 red (255, 59, 48) for the line chart!¬†By intentionally adjusting every color, line, and label in my makeover, I’ve become much more comfortable navigating the formatting options.



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