Makeover Monday Week 52

This week’s original manipulates the axes to make price fluctuations appear as dramatic as possible.

xmas original.PNG

Here’s a makeover that includes 0 on the Y axis:

xmas remake.png

See? Not much variance here.

Using the numbers from the posted data source, we can see that 2016 is just a few pounds higher than 2006 or 2010, which makes 2011 an awfully appealing start date.

xmas table.png

For me, this is really a non story.  Prices are only slightly higher than years past. The article even references another GH article claiming that this year’s prices will be lower for savvy shoppers.

What’s up with the data? The red values don’t match the values listed in the article and the white values were not listed at all. Market basket adjusted for inflation is odd, because CPI itself is based on market baskets. Unless Christmas foods are significantly different from a typical CPI basket, I wouldn’t expect much variance if controlled for inflation, and for it to track with inflation if not.




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