Makeover Monday Week 49

Each sunday Andy Kriebel (VizWiz) and Andy Cotgreave (Gravy Anecdote) post a link to a chart, a file with the underlying data. Then people build makeovers and share them over twitter and pinterest. Find more info here.

This week’s original is amazing – Check it out here!


Not much to comment on this week! I loved the original, so instead of ‘fixing’ it, I wanted to use the data to try out the Paths shelf. I know that a majority of my makeovers have included maps, but hey, what do you expect from someone who owns *multiple items* of clothing featuring cartography prints?

Here‘s the makeover


Creating paths on maps requires data to be in this format:

Path ID; Path Order; location; values

with separate lines for start, middle, and end points. The original dataset had columns for origin and destination, with each ‘path’ represented by a single row. Here’s what I did to create a new “Path Data” tab:

  1. Copy Global Flow of People tab
  2. Add Three columns and name them: Path ID, Path Order, Path Country
  3. Create Path ID (concatenate (Country Orig ID, “ “, Country Dest ID))
  4. Copy your new tab
  5. On one tab set Path Order to 1, and Path Country to Country Orig for all rows (This tab will be all of the starting points)
  6. On the second tab set Path Order to 2, and Path Country to  Country Dest for all rows (This tab will be all of the end points)
  7. Combine the two tabs by pasting one tab’s values onto the bottom of the other. Together they have over 75,000 rows, so be careful – some actions may take longer than you are used to.
  8. Convert your formulas into values

Now each path is represented by two rows of data like this:


Watch out when filtering and aggregating measures later!

When you create your paths use Min(Geographic field). Dunno why, but otherwise you’ll just get dots.



Check out these conditional tooltips!



I’m short on time, so instead of explaining the whole process, here’s a screenshot of the calculated field that makes it work:




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