Makeover Monday Week 40

Each Sunday Andy Kriebel (VizWiz) and Andy Cotgreave (Gravy Anecdote) post a link to a chart, a file with the underlying data. Then people build makeovers and share them over twitter and pinterest. Find more info here.


This week’s Original viz is the 2016 Global Peace Index from the Institution for Economics and Peace. It’s a highly interactive filled map with *tons* of information and interactivity.

I’m really interested in the regional information here. How has Syria’s civil war affected its neighbors? Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? Turkey’s coup? We can see the direct impact, but the five step color scale hides subtler changes, including potential indirect fallout in neighboring countries.

This week’s visual is very involved, and Makeover Monday provided a data set with just the basics, so most makeovers this week are simpler than the original. I started by recreating the main visual, but tweaked the colors. By using a blue-orange gradient, subtle shifts become visible.  (It’s also more color blind friendly!) I used custom start/center/stop values on the color scale to make sure that score colors would stay consistent from year to year. This way, a high max score will be darker than a low max score. I also chose a fairly high value for the center color, to limit the number of red countries to roughly ten.

My first draft included bar charts showing the top and bottom N countries, but I replaced that with a smaller bar chart showing every country. I really like how this bar chart turned out! It looks nice along the bottom of the map, and gives a nice summary of the map. It also makes year by year comparisons easier, which was a nice surprise. Finally, I added some interactivity between the map and bar chart. (Click to highlight, because hover was interfering with adjusting the map.)


Check out my makeover here!



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