Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday – Benford’s Law

Workout Wednesday is another weekly challenge by the same people who manage Makeover Monday. Instead of re-imagining a viz, this challenge is to re-create a viz. It’s a great way to discover new techniques and develop better instincts for what is possible in Tableau. Here’s my *slightly tweaked* version of the original viz. I managed… Continue reading Workout Wednesday – Benford’s Law

Makeover Monday

Makeover Monday – New Zealand Tourism

Makeover & Original Just a simple makeover this week! I wanted to include a map-as-filter section, but the file with the geographic coordinates couldn’t be opened by my personal freebie account, or by my work’s paid but version 9.3 account. I turned the bar chart into a line chart, and included each year instead of limiting it… Continue reading Makeover Monday – New Zealand Tourism